Molding my new world

With this new journey, I know I need to get back “out there”. For so many years now I’ve not only hidden my drinking but hidden myself from the world.  I’ve backed out of plans with friends so I could drink alone.  I’ve hidden myself and often a hungover self from my friends to stay safely away from any one and any emotion. To hide from myself. 

But that is going to change.  It has to. I’m realizing that I can’t live in the “drunk world” that I created as a sober person.  So I’m finding myself on the edge of a potentially amazing opportunity – to create and mold a whole new world for myself.  I’m smiling at the moment.  Thought I should call that out!

I reached out to my friend Becky yesterday and we have dinner plans tonight.  I’m looking forward to a quiet evening of just plain catch up.  With Andy traveling as much as he does for work, it’s up to me to be fearlessly and defiantly sober.  To create my new world that is healthy, happy, vibrant and adventurous.  

It’s a small step – just a simple dinner with a close friend – but a step in the right direction. Those are my thoughts for now and something small I can hold onto that I can look back at and be proud of. 

Thanks Becky!  You’ll most likely never know about this post but you’re my first in a long list of things I will love and cherish in my new world. I feel like I should name my world.  Maybe that’s another step. 

Have a stupendous and ridiculously beautiful day!


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