Trust and Betrayal – Sober Triggers

During my many attempts at getting sober, I’ve found that any level of giving or receiving trust has proven a difficult and elusive, almost nearly impossible.  Just as sobriety seems to be a “unicorn”, trust seems to be the same. I’ve spent hours reflecting on how I have gotten to where I am.   I’ve … Read moreTrust and Betrayal – Sober Triggers


In this post I’m going to work to the best of my ability to work through the “Why” of my failure. I’m nervous since I know this won’t be pretty and will actually be messy for me. The pain of the wounds I know I’m about to open and face make my stomach turn and … Read moreWhy?

Day 16 to 0 – Another Fresh Start

I messed up again.  I made it further than I ever have before, but I failed.  Atleast that’s how I feel about it.  No matter the amount of literature I read, or uplifting stories I find with each saying how I shouldn’t beat myself up and I should look toward the future with open eyes … Read moreDay 16 to 0 – Another Fresh Start

Vacation Drinking (or Not) and my Enabler

So I finally broke down and asked my husband not to offer me or ask me if I wanted a glass of wine with lunch after his round of golf with his parents.  It was a lovely day all around.  I got up slightly early with jet lag being 3 hours behind and took a … Read moreVacation Drinking (or Not) and my Enabler