In this post I’m going to work to the best of my ability to work through the “Why” of my failure. I’m nervous since I know this won’t be pretty and will actually be messy for me. The pain of the wounds I know I’m about to open and face make my stomach turn and … Read moreWhy?

Sober Funk?

I drove home frustrated, depressed, disappointed, exasperated and only slightly angry today.  I went straight home from work and knew I had a lot of house cleaning to do in preparation for our vacation, but I could not get out of my funk.  House chores sober?  That’s a new concept.  But no matter how hard … Read moreSober Funk?

A new sober day – anxiety,tears and coffee

It’s a new day and I found my self jolted awake with anxiety about something that I may have forgotten to do.  The anxiety was too much for me at 4:15 am in the morning so I gave up all hope of any more sleep (even our 2-year-old puppy hadn’t started to bother me) and … Read moreA new sober day – anxiety,tears and coffee