Trust and Betrayal – Sober Triggers

During my many attempts at getting sober, I’ve found that any level of giving or receiving trust has proven a difficult and elusive, almost nearly impossible.  Just as sobriety seems to be a “unicorn”, trust seems to be the same. I’ve spent hours reflecting on how I have gotten to where I am.   I’ve … Read moreTrust and Betrayal – Sober Triggers

Sober Funk?

I drove home frustrated, depressed, disappointed, exasperated and only slightly angry today.  I went straight home from work and knew I had a lot of house cleaning to do in preparation for our vacation, but I could not get out of my funk.  House chores sober?  That’s a new concept.  But no matter how hard … Read moreSober Funk?

Starting Over – Sober

Dear Future Stephanie – Hopefully your remember to read this the next time you feel totally overwhelmed and feel weak enough to have a drink to cope.  You’re starting over, don’t hate yourself, don’t beat yourself up, just know this is a journey.  If you pick up that drink, you know what the next days … Read moreStarting Over – Sober

The Dreaded Drunk Dinner…But I Survived Sober!

As I posted before, I was dreading Saturday night dinner with my in-laws.  Turns out – It wasn’t as hard or as difficult for me.  I had a nice relaxing Saturday – I took a mid morning nap with my two “snuggle pups”, had a nice lunch, made some sun tea and generally enjoyed a … Read moreThe Dreaded Drunk Dinner…But I Survived Sober!